(Forthcoming). The Rush To Personalize: Power Concentration After Failed Coups in Dictatorships. British Journal of Political Science.
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  • (Forthcoming). Et Tu, Brute? Wealth Inequality and the Political Economy of Authoritarian Replacement. Studies in Comparative International Development.
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  • (2022). Spikes and Variance: Using Google Trends to Detect and Forecast Protest. Political Analysis.
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  • (2021). How do shocks realign interest group lobbying in congress? Evidence from ecuador. Journal of Legislative Studies.
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  • (2020). Big Relational Data: Network-Analytic Measurement, in The Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations. SAGE.

    Current Projects

    . Using Transformers to Identify Overt and Covert Racism in Ecuador. Revise and resubmit.

    . Comparing Transformer Models Performance in Political Science Tasks. Under Review.

    . Does social media promote democratic backsliding? Under Review.

    . Trajectories of Personalism in Dictatorship. In Progress.

    . How biased are you, GPT-3? Assessing Question and Answer Bias in GPT-3. In Progress.


    At Purdue, I teach the following courses:

    • POL 501: Introduction to Political Methodology
    • POL 491: The Rise and Fall of Dictators
    • POL 141: Governments of the World (Intro to CP)
    • SCLA 102: Democracy, Citizenship and Civic Duty