(2021). Wealth Wars: How Productivity Gaps Explain Democratic Erosion in Advanced Democracies. European Political Science Review.

(2021). Spikes and Variance: Using Google Trends to Detect and Forecast Protest. Political Analysis.

(2021). How do shocks realign interest group lobbying in congress? Evidence from ecuador. Journal of Legislative Studies.

(2020). Institutions as Signals: How Dictators Consolidate Power in Times of Crisis. Comparative Politics.

(2020). Big Relational Data: Network-Analytic Measurement, in The Handbook of Research Methods in Political Science and International Relations. SAGE.

(2019). Where In The World Is My Tweet: Detecting Irregular Removal Patterns On Twitter. PLOS ONE 13(9): e0203104..

Current Projects

. Elite Wealth and Authoritarian Replacement. Under Review.

. Do coups increase personalism in dictatorship? Under Review.

. Democracy as Insurance through the Rule of Law. Under Review.

. Does social media promote democratic backsliding? Under Review.


At Purdue, I teach the following courses:

  • POL 501: Introduction to Political Methodology
  • POL 491: The Rise and Fall of Dictators

I was also a teaching assistant for the following graduate level courses at University of Maryland:

  • GVPT 622: Introduction to Quantitative Methods I
  • GVPT 722: Introduction to Quantitative Methods II
  • GVPT 729A: Maximum Likelihood Estimation
  • GVPT 729M: Multilevel Modeling